Love in the Time of H1N1


When I met my husband online in 2015, his OkCupid name was “Outdoor Kyle”. I’m not going to say that is specifically why I returned his message, but after 3 glasses of wine, I definitely found it hilarious, endearing, and ridiculous all at once. Plus he had a picture of himself with the biggest fucking tree I had ever seen in my whole entire life. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for… Read More

I accidentally wrote a poem in a dive bar. I was half interested in the drink I was stirring, and I was sitting in the notoriously isolated end seat of the bar where you can only hear the third and seventh words your friends are saying when a gaggle of girls walked in. I say gaggle because when they laughed they honked, and their large gold jewelry clattered and sparkled to the… Read More

I have gone on a date every Tuesday night for the last 12 (but let’s be real ya’ll, it’s really been 13) weeks.  I’ve been taken on historical tours, visited Water Treatment plants, met public figures, and argued over semantics.  I’ve gone to baseball games, museums, gardens, non-profits, and eaten more locally made food than I even thought existed on the planet.  I’ve paddled, and peddled, and laughed so hard I almost peed… Read More