Love in the Time of H1N1


  Today they announced that they would be cancelling “The Open”, the sport’s world’s ancient tradition of hitting balls into tiny holes while wearing pot holders for hats.  This means little to me except that it’s one more glaringly obvious sign that we aren’t getting out of this situation any time soon. Old white men everywhere would have surely held onto the oldest, most boring, tradition in recreation if they were able…. Read More

When the world started shutting down because of coronavirus, I received a panicked text from my husband saying “they are cancelling MLB”. “Great.” I thought, “Maybe we can spend some real quality time together.” I regret everything. Two weeks in and I’m singing Adele songs while dreaming of ESPN SportsCenter in the shower. It turns out our relationship was really thriving with a healthy dose of sportsball, beer, and chicken wings. There… Read More