My name is Mary and I'm fantastically normal. I'm also in that painfully boring, tragically poor stage of my life where diets are less about vanity and more about the inability to purchase bigger pants. I gather that when I am somewhere between 32 and 41 I'll appreciate this time of my life and even have a little nostalgia for when Ramen noodles and tap water were the hors d'oeuvres at my house warming party. I work in the world of community engagement which is as vague as it sounds. I know little to nothing about love, except that try to use every bit of the love I have to give on a daily basis. I want nothing more in life than to grow up and write like Nora Ephron. She is, in my opinion, the easiest writer in the world. She wrote like people talk and I love to have conversations with what I'm reading . I also love a smattering of books/columns/plays by: Rona Jaffe, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, Chuck Palahniuk, Khaled Hosseini, Joel Stein, Charles Dickens, Doug Wright, Elizabeth Gilbert (non-fic), Kathryn Stockett, and Jane Austen.

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