About the Disaster

My name is Mary and I’m fantastically normal and aggressively privileged, but with the way I complain, you’d think that I wasn’t.

Based on the title of this blog (Love in the Time of H1N1) you could assume I was interested in love, but instead I think I was more enthralled with the title of my blog, than love itself. I titled this blog  in 2012, when pandemics were something you read about in history class or on xenophobic Twitters. I promise, at the time it was a terribly clever title.

Aside from being glaring contradictory and rather unstable, I have over three friends and I like to make up things to describe myself that make me sound like an interesting person.

I will write about anything that occurs to me, and sometimes things that I don’t realize are occurring to other people. If you’re looking for the endless supply of Grandpa stories, you can still find them here: http://forgettingalzheimers.wordpress.com/

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