On Love and Friday Nights

I am diet embarrassed to say that I am spending my Friday night alone watching a Brendan Frasier movie.

Lucky for me, I can justify this by saying that it also stars Matt Damon and it’s set in a time period when it was cool for kids to wear coon skin hats (which is pretty much the best time period for movies/shows to be set in).  If you care to argue, I would like to counter with, “Davy Crockett”, “A Christmas Story” and “Peter Pan”.

I will have to admit however, that my reasoning for choosing this movie out of thousands of Netflix selections was purely, and simply based on the fact that the men in the picture on the cover were wearing those suit jackets with the little patch  and a striped tie.  (And of course Matt Damon).
I assumed that the outfits meant it was going to be an uplifting and inspiring tear-jerk-er like “Dead Poet’s Society”, “The Emperor’s Club” and “Harry Potter”.  I haven’t seen enough of it to know for sure, but so far there has been plenty of male comradery, including (but not limited to) Ben Affleck dancing shirtless to a forbidden “rock and roll” song, and a slight hint at religious slash social class prejudice.

In other words, it’s gonna be good.

If you are still unsure, I’d like to add that it also includes the late 90’s version of Batman’s Robin and the kid who plays the dead guy in “My Boyfriend’s Back” (No, not Phillip Seymour Hoffman).

In conclusion:

How did I not know this movie existed?!?!?!


Life Tip: When you Google “How to make brownies when you forgot to buy eggs like an idiot” you really shouldn’t follow the directions of anything the search engine produces.
[Classic Mary] Case in Point:


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