On Love and First World Problems

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that I definitely did not complain about because I’m worldly and always remember that my problems are miniscule compared to the issues that many people face on a daily basis:

1) “Damn, we are out of garlic powder.”

2) “My alcoholic drink that someone made and carried over to me isn’t very strong.”

3) “The NPR spring pledge drive is ruining my morning commute.”

4) “The silver ring my boyfriend bought me on our all-inclusive vacation in Mexico is too big.”

5) “My cell service is shit.”

6) “It’s cold in here and I have to go upstairs to get a sweatshirt.”

7) “I left my iPad in the car.”

8) “I ate way too much.”

9) “I’m still sick and but I don’t want to take the antibiotics I bought for $8.”

10) “Someone spoiled the ending of the 6th Harry Potter book for me, and I can never get that back.”

As my grandma would say with a scowl:

“If that’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you, you’re pretty lucky.”

In the end I think that karma owes me some major juju, or at least an extra shot of vodka in my next screwdriver, since I’ve never complained about these things and I’m not self-centered at all.  If that stiff drink ever does come my way, I’ll surely raise my glass to world peace and food for the hungry, because, you know, I’m so considerate and everything.

Inspired by: http://first-world-problems.com/ (But the NPR thing was totally originally my complaint and they stole it from me, which totally sucks.  Not that I’m whining because that would be petty…)

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